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About us

How I can make money in the market of virtual currencies?

Since cryptocurrencies have a fairly high volatility, that is, the ability to constantly change their value, making a profit is based on the prediction of increasing or decreasing quotations.


We work on all leading exchanges, using the most popular cryptocurrencies as financial instruments.


The high liquidity of our transactions allowed us to increase the company's working capital by attracting investors.


MAXI Bit employs traders who are very familiar with the rules and nuances of trading cryptocurrency.

Secure transactions

Several years of active and productive trading have shown efficiency of our

Our Philosophy

We are always thinking

The development of digital currencies has made a real revolution in the global financial market.

A few years ago, few experts could imagine the future of cryptocurrency, but today they have become a reliable source of profit for millions of Internet users.

Our investment portfolio was created specifically for active, motivated people who are not ready to spend their time on the constant study of quotes and events on the stock exchanges.

Start investing

In fact, earnings on cryptocurrencies is no different from the extraction of income on the usual currency exchange.

How it works

MAXI Bit works in three easiest steps.




Make a deposit


Make profit


Why all are choosing us


An experienced cohesive team, the presence of personal strategies and a diverse and balanced investment portfolio, enable us to do our work effectively and confidently increase profits. Acting in several directions at once, we ensure maximum profitability with minimized risks.


We developed from a small trust management company working with a proven circle of investors.
Today, MAXI Bit is a large company that manages transactions through an online platform.


We provide the opportunity to receive a permanent profit above banking. In this case, you do not need to delve into the essence of trade, trading or investment in various tools. We undertake all the difficulties, we provide you with a completely passive income.

Why cryptocurrency

Volatile rate, fast paced operations, a huge selection of tools, the possibility of diversifying risks, the active growth of the course at a distance, unlimited opportunities for profit.

Our Mission

The company's management sets a goal to increase trade momentum and rise to a new level of profitability. We can achieve our goal by attracting individual investments and increasing the number of trading operations.

Intuitive, powerful tool


Investing is a decent type of profit, but not everyone has the special knowledge to invest in one of the most popular areas.

Cooperation with the company MAXI Bit benefits every investor. See for yourself personally by participating in our investment program and ensure a high level of income. Several tariff plans will allow everyone to be our partner, regardless of the size of possible investments.

Investors' money is under reliable protection due to the following factors:

Guaranteed income

Diversification of risks allows us to redistribute financial flows, and a reserve fund, the amount of which is enough to cover investors' losses in the event of force majeure.

Trusted Solutions

We are working at once with several currency pairs, which makes it possible to cover possible unsuccessful operations by making profit from successful transactions with other cryptocurrencies.

Find out more about our offers.

Be in a team of successful people

Choose your unique financial path



Total for the period

Period 25 days

Contributions to USD and BTC

Deposit included in payments

Daily 5.2%



Total for the period

Period 20 days

Contributions to USD and BTC

Return Deposit at the end of the term

Daily 2.2%



Total for the period

Period 30 days

Contributions to USD and BTC

Deposit capitalized

Payout through 30 days

Personally invited


1 level

Open deposit is not required

Your structure works in depth

Income in USD and BTC

Auto Reflex for convenience

Quick support

2-3-4 Levels

3 + 1 + 1%

2 + 3 + 4 levels

Open deposit is not required

Additional profit

Income in USD and BTC

Your structure works in depth

Quick support

Bonus for structure volume

$ 500

For every 15000 $ structures

Volume to the full depth of the structure

Accounting for BTC and USD volume structure

Fast payout

Leadership Bonus

Premium Support

Calculate profit

We accept


We support different payment methods.
for comfortable work of our clients.

We are constantly adding new systems.

The latest news

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Recent transactions

Open statistics of deposits and payments in real time. You can always be aware of the latest transactions on the accounts, as well as their statistics.

  Login date Sum Currency How long ago
Cnelth 18/03/2019 $ 50 USD 11 min. backwards
Scarp 18/03/2019 $ 100 USD 28 min. backwards
Kedr1610412 18/03/2019 $ 10 USD 36 min. backwards
Dinhcongqui 18/03/2019 $ 100 USD 38 min. backwards
Kirows 18/03/2019 $ 100 USD 47 min. backwards
Herm1t 18/03/2019 $ 400 USD 1 h. 14 min. backwards
Aleksandrs30 18/03/2019 $ 110.5 USD 1 h. 50 min. backwards
Andreym 18/03/2019 $ 2.7 USD 1 h. 59 min. backwards
PLATINIUS 18/03/2019 $ 225 USD 2 h. 0 min. backwards
BaksAltay2 18/03/2019 $ 200 USD 2 h. 2 min. backwards
  Login date Sum Currency How long ago
Noprobs 18/03/2019 $ 13.07 USD 1 h. 44 min. backwards
BaksAltay2 18/03/2019 $ 9.9 USD 1 h. 56 min. backwards
Anatoliy1370 18/03/2019 $ 0.33 USD 2 h. 12 min. backwards
FIFARA 18/03/2019 $ 2.57 USD 2 h. 16 min. backwards
Mike 18/03/2019 $ 15.44 USD 2 h. 16 min. backwards
Monitoringhaipov 18/03/2019 $ 6.53 USD 2 h. 18 min. backwards
ElikolegX 18/03/2019 $ 0.61 USD 2 h. 21 min. backwards
Max29655 18/03/2019 $ 0.49 USD 2 h. 31 min. backwards
Luckywind 18/03/2019 $ 0.49 USD 2 h. 48 min. backwards
Sergii 18/03/2019 $ 0.33 USD 3 h. 4 min. backwards

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reg: 21 / 02 / 2019 $ 1255.00 Ƀ 0.1 BTC ≈ $ 394.301


reg: 18 / 02 / 2019 $ 1200.00 Ƀ 0.404697 BTC ≈ $ 1595.72431797


reg: 16 / 03 / 2019 $ 1055.00 Ƀ 0.24 BTC ≈ $ 946.3224

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Questions and Answers

Is Maxi Bit ltd officially registered company?

The company is an officially registered legal entity with a full package of supporting documents. The company's activities are governed by international law.
The company is officially listed in the UK company registry..

How to start making money with Maxi Bit ltd?

In order to become a partner of our company you need to go through the standard registration procedure on our website and create a personal account. The company can earn any interested user who has reached the age of majority and not having restrictions in the legislation of the country in which he lives.

What payment systems does the company operate with?

The company works directly only with secure electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as with FREEKASSA merchant. The list of payment systems will be updated depending on demand and need. All transactions are carried out in US dollars and in Bitcoin without conversion according to par.

How can I regain access to my account?

To restore access to your account, use the password recovery form using email. If your account has been hacked or blocked promptly, contact the support service using one of the installed forms on the site.

What tools are there to attract partners to my structure?

To attract partners, you can use your referral link, as well as advertising banners, which you can find in your personal account.

How is the accrual and withdrawal of funds?

The system uses the 2 balance in US dollars and Bitcoin, depending on which payment system you replenish the balance on the site. No conversion is performed. All charges are made automatically in the currency in which you made a deposit, every 24 hours after the transaction.
Withdrawals are made during 72 hours from the date of filing an application for withdrawals.

Can I have more than one account in the system?

It is not forbidden to have multiple accounts in the system, but they should not have a structural connection with each other, which entails a benefit in receiving referral fees. If such violations are identified, all accounts of this user will be irrevocably blocked.

Where I will find answers on working with personal account functionality?

To improve the usability of the site and back office, a specially designed section with frequently asked questions (FAQ) is located directly in your personal account.

If I didn't find the answer on the question, where should I contact?

You need to study the content of our site in full, read the section "contacts" and pay attention to the feedback form, or write an online consultant.

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